The Chinese jade bangles listed on this site are very auspicious, and will bring you good luck. Our collection of Chinese jade bangle bracelets incldues a nice variety of colors so you are certain to find a jade bangle to match everything you wear. Buy a jade bangle bracelet today and start enjoying better health, protection from evil spirits and the good fortune blessing of Chinese jade.

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About Chinese Jade Bangles

In China jade is a symbol of wealth, good luck and health. For thousands of years Chinese people have believed it has the power to ward off evil and bad luck. The Chinese jade bangles listed on this site are not only beautiful, they are a great blessing to the wearer.

Which is Right Bangle or Bangle Bracelet?

Bangles are often called bangle bracelets, since they are worn in a similar manner. However, jade bangles are carved from a solid piece of stone, unlike bracelets, which are often composed of several sections joined together. In any case using the term bangle bracelet is acceptable.

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